Case Overview

Team Actikid wanted a much more user-friendly, customized website blog design to showcase their health products and to help their visitors to access resources. Our goal was to combine a smooth researching experience with appreciated brand storytelling to highlight their intensity, commitment to quality, and the scientific approach behind their products. Besides they wanted a customized blog to express themselves, spread their passion and share their knowledge to earn more reputation and exposure. Visitors need to be able to easily understand their products and wanted to see them as Actikid products in the online world.


Case Result

The new Actikid website blog design is a strong digital credit, driving leads and conversions through spontaneous navigation and clean product searching. The intensified user experience accomplish its important goal viz making it quick easy for visitors to findabsolutely what they want.Even if it's products, health, and wellness related blogs, the new site structure and potential promote an engaging core for their people. The elevated plan provides an extra trust and reliability for their growing brand.