Case Overview

Team needed a custom WordPress theme that has a unique design, layout and some distinct features that are made more specifically for their busniess growth. We knew the key point, in this case, starts with our design department. Our experienced design crew knows colors and fonts are the core of a custom theme in high lighting the brand identity. Our team had a detailed discussion with clients to understand their company, product /service offering, and other objectives to make sure a completely unique website design.


Case Result

This has all the specific advantage of a custom theme usage in WordPress.We have developed the theme in unique for this site, means they are the only one who use this theme, no resemblance to any other website. It is an exact implementation of their design, right down to the pixel, no limitation for any type of customization. We have made it completely bug-free one.,thus it becomes more secure. We have cleared all the unwanted features for preventing the site from slowing down. In the case of plugins, we have built the functionalities of the plugins that use straight into the theme. The best result among all bove is the SEO part, our theme is the best-suited one for search engines. By the help of our expert developers, we could deliver the projects with lean coding which makes the website very light at an affordable price.